Class Descriptions

Below are the age requirements and descriptions of our classes. We have two semesters with end-of-semester performances. The first semester runs from September through December with a uniform performance at the beginning of January. The second semester runs from January to June with a costumed performance in June. All students participate in both performances. We encourage all new students to begin with whatever dance style they are most attracted to and make suggestions for avenues of training as levels of interest increase.

Ballet (Pre-K - 12th Grade): Ballet provides poise, balance, grace, and strength along with classical training.  Our ballet program is designed to provide pre-k through high school students with the highest quality of training with an exceptional balance of discipline and pleasure.  Class consists of level appropriate barre work, stretching, and center work.  Students also work on a recital dance to demonstrate mastery of new skills acquired throughout the year.  Through our ballet training, students develop technical skills that naturally carry over to all other styles of dance.

Tap (1st Grade-12th Grade): Students become proficient in basic Broadway style tap steps and advance to more complex combinations as skills improve. Tap class structure includes a barre warm up, across the floor combinations, and choreography for a recital dance. Our focus is on developing correct tap technique using clean tap sounds while having fun!

Jazz/Musical Theater (2nd Grade-12th Grade): Students learn classical jazz and musical theater technique. Jazz classes are one hour and include a jazz barre, floor stretch, across the floor technique, and recital choreography.  Every jazz class performs a jazz dance one semester and a musical theater dance one semester.  

Lyrical (3rd Grade-12th Grade): Students focus on flexibility and control in lyrical class. Lyrical choreography is fluid and graceful to powerful and expressive music. Classes are one hour and consist of a barre stretch, across the floor technique, and choreography.  Ballet class is required for all lyrical students.

Hip Hop (3rd Grade- 12th Grade): Our hip hop style combines classic hip hop technique with jazz undertones. The level of each class is evaluated on a class by class basis. Classes are 45 minutes. Students begin with a cardio hip hop warm up, across the floor combinations, and choreography to an upbeat, popular song. Our hip hop song choices and choreography are age appropriate and crowd pleasing.