What sets us apart?


Small Classes Tailored For Individual Attention

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Small classes allow every student to get the individual instruction needed to fully enjoy class and grow as a dancer. We have established a one-of-a-kind environment in which teachers monitor each student’s progress. Our small class philosophy successfully ensures that students continually expand upon their technical knowledge and push themselves beyond their comfort zones with confidence. 

A Family Studio with a Family Environment

Teaching dance has been our family business for three generations. Our mission is to spread our family’s passion for dance in an encouraging, fun, and safe environment. We take pride in knowing each and every one of our students and their families by name. This family-friendly, positive learning environment is caring, supportive, and inspiring for our students. Under our instruction, students become well-poised, develop a cheerful self-image, and build self-confidence that follows them through life. 

Experienced Dance Educators Give Professional Instruction

At Vienna Dance Academy, you can be sure your child has the most qualified dance teachers in the area. Lisa, Richard, and Julie are all professional dancers who have been teaching together for over 40 years.  Our teachers not only work in their areas of expertise, but also work together to exhibit innovation, teamwork, commitment, and leadership by example.